Fully Automatic Meal Tray Sealing Machine

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Fully Automatic Meal Tray Sealing Machine


This machine is a new model table full auto box sealing machine, improve production efficiency, energy saving, sealing film for plastic compound coil, automatic cutting, automatic sealing and automatic discharge scrap film, solved the questions that have no lid cup, bottle sealing problem, no matter what shape, can seal, save floor space, can seal one box, two boxes, four box by one time.It’s popular to the user.


  1. Auto sent box, pneaumatic sealing, auto discharge scrap film, auto out box, auto push box.
  2. Single chip microcomputer program control, stable and reliable.
  3. The human-machine interface for digital display to control the LED screen, simple operation, monitoring the machine running state at any time.
  4. Classic digital display temperature control table, the temperature difference between plus or minus 5 degrees, the sealing effect is good.
  5. Precision guide rail, smooth, positioning precision.
  6. Taiwan photoelectric tracking and electrical integration.
  7. Production speed: 1800 pcs per hour, 2trays in one row.